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Gain Extra Space By Building A Garden Summerhouse

If you have some space around your house, you can use it creatively to build a nice garden summerhouse. This could be a fun project to fill up your spare time with, as well as a cool addition to your house, for hosting guests or for setting up a hobby room or a summer office where you can work without interruptions from the other people in the house.

Advantages of Having a Summerhouse

Practice Your Hobbies In Peace

If you have a wooden garden summerhouse, you can install the piano in it, for instance, so you can practice and improve your playing skills without having to wake up everybody else under the same roof with you.

If you don’t have any musical hobbies, perhaps there’s something else you enjoy, such as painting or making jewelery. These hobbies are hard to perform in the house, especially if you cannot have a dedicated room where to put your tools and equipment. A garden summerhouse could be the perfect place for you to unleash your creativity without worrying you may need to interrupt your flow because of household chores or other obligations. You can stop and do something else, but you can leave all your things in place, so you can catch up later from where you left your work.

Use It as a Guest Room

Summer evenings are perfect for meetings with friends, outdoor parties and barbecues. Why not party until late at night, then host your guests in the garden summerhouse? You can have more fun like this. Besides, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a nice and refreshing breakfast together, too.

Sleep in It Yourself

Why not use your garden summerhouse to enjoy some romantic nights with your spouse? You can take advantage of the chill of the night and have a relaxing and refreshing sleep instead of sleeping in your old bedroom with thick walls that retain the heat and make you either sweat or use the air conditioner.

Store Your Things

Whenever you don’t use your summerhouse for accommodating your friends or for performing your hobbies, you can use it as a storage room. It’s just a good amount of extra space you gain without having to extend your house for this.

The advantage of building a garden summerhouse instead of adding another room to the main house is the price. The sumemrhouse can be made from timber. If you buy one of those kits, you can even try your skills and assemble the house yourself, together with a few friends and with your kids. Everybody will be thrilled to take part in such a big project and if you follow the advice from the manufacturer, you are most probably going to be successful. If you fail, don’t worry. Hire a professional to help you, because it’s still cheaper than a brick and mortar house and it is fun. Sometimes it’s good not to take life too seriously, because adults also need to play every now and then. You can choose to play with a purpose and build something useful. In some cases you will require planning permission always seek some help from an architect or consultant

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Search Engine Optimization with Silicon Beach Digital

Why Local Search Engine Optimisation Works

There are many ways that you can improve your positioning on the search engines. You can do video marketing which can help you rank videos quickly and easily. You can also create websites that target longtail keywords that can help you reach top positions on the search engines as long as you have enough backlinks. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to beat competitive businesses out that have the ability to pay for search engine optimisation that will help them rank websites quickly and easily. One of the best ways to get top positioning for specific keywords, especially if you have a regular brick-and-mortar business, is to get into the local listings. Here are some tips on why you should do local search engine optimisation and why it works so well to help you generate extra sales every month.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

When you do a search on Google, there are listings for specific types of businesses in the local listings. These are listings that will show actual businesses in your community that are providing services such as restaurants, lawyers, and generally anything you can find in the phonebook. The benefit of having a local listing is that so many people search on the web for different things, instead of sifting through the Yellow Pages which could take several minutes, you can find exactly what you want within seconds. Well, what if you could show up at the top of the search engine listings? This is the power of local search engine optimisation. dartford seo services

How Much Traffic Will You See?

The amount of traffic that you see from local listings really depends upon how many competing businesses there are, and what type of business you are in. If you are a restaurant, and you have one of 10 different hamburger joints in your community, you will probably not see that much traffic. However, if you do spinal decompression as a chiropractor, this type of special treatment may be limited only to a couple chiropractors in the area which means that your local listing will not be very competitive, and you could see a dramatic increase in potential clients as a result of this type of business.

How To Get Local Listings

The first thing you need to do is verify that your business is legitimate in Google Places if you are unclear how this is done then contact Gravesend seo experts . You can add photos of your business, videos, and even give coupons for those that find your local listing. You also have the ability to provide real-time updates with things like weekly specials that will keep people coming back every week to see what you have to offer. This creates a digital representation of what customers would see coming into your business, yet all from the comfort of their smart phone or computer.

How To Get Started Today

As mentioned before, you need to verify your local listing with Google Places. This will give you a map location on Google maps so people can find your business quickly and easily. Google uses all of the local listings for businesses that have been verified, so you will be listed with all of the businesses targeting specific keywords just like you. Obviously, you’ll need a Google account to accomplish this, something that most people have already. Using this information, you should start to see a steady supply of new visitors, and potential clients, coming to your business on a regular basis because of these local search engine listings. Dartford seo services are one such company that can help businesses with the online optimisation


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