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  1. *The 2 step method to improve Your SEO*
    *Turning unlinked mentions into backlinks*

    Hi Guys!
    Here is a screencast of yesterdays MeetUp – watch the video – or read the
    article – including all the goodies and links…
    Enjoy – Please Share and +1 if You like this!

    *The 21 Minute SEO Checklist*
    *Improve Your SEO – in 21 mins. – for FREE – without any technical hassle.*

    This checklist will help You improve Your SEO in a very efficient and cost
    effective way. In fact this method is completely FREE.

    We’re going for the low hanging fruit – unlinked mentions of Your brand
    name – and turning them into valuable backlinks to Your site – that will
    improve Your SEO.

    If You want to spend Your time and effort in the most effective way and use
    methods that give a lot of bang for the buck – then this is definitely one
    method to implement.

    This method has two simple non-technical steps…

    First we need to find unlinked mentions of Your brand or keyword on the web
    – on autopilot.
    This is a true set-it and forget-it method. I recommend to use 3 tools
    simultaneously to cover Your bases. – RankTank Unlinked Brand Mention
    Finder, Ahrefs Alerts and good old Google Alerts

    Once You have identified the unlinked mentions of Your brand worth pursuing
    just simply contact the publisher and ask for a backlink to your site –
    That’s how simple it is!

    Hope this will get You started!

    *Step One:*
    Download the RankTank Unlinked Brand Mention Finder at:
    http://www.ranktank.org/brand-unlinked-mentions-finder/ and follow the

    The Tool will ask You to input the brand name/ keywords You want to find
    unlinked mentions of and once that is done it will return a list of 100
    unlinked mentions within a minute or two.

    This tool is great because it will kickstart your SEO efforts. You will
    probably have 50 – 60 unlinked mentions to check out right away but please
    bear in mind that this tool is sometimes a bit buggy…

    Then go to Ahrefs Alerts at: https://alerts.ahrefs.com register for a
    free account and follow the instructions in how to create one or several
    alerts for your chosen keywords or brand name.

    Ahrefs Alerts will then send you alerts whenever they find unlinked
    mentions of Your brand.

    lastly go to Googler Alerts at: https://www.google.com/alerts and create
    one or several alerts for your choosen keywords or brand name.

    Google Alerts will then send you alerts whenever they find mentions of Your
    brand – unlike the previous two Google Alerts doesn’t focus on unlinked
    mentions – but rather just mentions but I find it to be a good complement.

    In any case You should have Google Alerts fired up for Your brand name no
    matter what – not just for SEO purposes.

    OK – now You should have a bunch of mentions to check out and follow up on.

    *Step Two:*
    Make sure to focus on the results and publishers that seem most likely to
    respond to your request for a backlink.
    Don’t waste time trying to get backlinks from curated sites – they usually
    have no editorial staff to take care of Your request.

    Here is a draft for an email to send out- feel free to edit to fit Your

    “Hi there dear team at *___* !
    Hope everything is good (Throw in some personal stuff here if You know the
    publisher) .

    Just a very quick email to ask You for a favour please!
    Every year I make a SEO Audit where I try to identify mentions of my
    brandname (insert Your brandname) without a link back to my site at:
    (insert You URL)
    Having links back (backlinks) to Your site is the most important thing You
    can do to rank high in Google/Bing searches – this is called Search Engine

    I just quickly wanted to see if it’s possible for You to link back to my
    site at: (insert You URL)

    …from Your page: http://www.example.com/mention-of-your-brand. If this is
    possible that would be very useful for me – Thank You.

    I find SEO very interesting and I try to use it to my advantage. Below
    some links to some really great articles to get started in case You’re

    To round this off here some great reading on Marketing and SEO

    Simon Sinek – Start with the Why –


    #SEO #SearchEngineOptimisation #berlin #Photography 

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