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Gain Extra Space By Building A Garden Summerhouse

If you have some space around your house, you can use it creatively to build a nice garden summerhouse. This could be a fun project to fill up your spare time with, as well as a cool addition to your house, for hosting guests or for setting up a hobby room or a summer office where you can work without interruptions from the other people in the house.

Advantages of Having a Summerhouse

Practice Your Hobbies In Peace

If you have a wooden garden summerhouse, you can install the piano in it, for instance, so you can practice and improve your playing skills without having to wake up everybody else under the same roof with you.

If you don’t have any musical hobbies, perhaps there’s something else you enjoy, such as painting or making jewelery. These hobbies are hard to perform in the house, especially if you cannot have a dedicated room where to put your tools and equipment. A garden summerhouse could be the perfect place for you to unleash your creativity without worrying you may need to interrupt your flow because of household chores or other obligations. You can stop and do something else, but you can leave all your things in place, so you can catch up later from where you left your work.

Use It as a Guest Room

Summer evenings are perfect for meetings with friends, outdoor parties and barbecues. Why not party until late at night, then host your guests in the garden summerhouse? You can have more fun like this. Besides, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a nice and refreshing breakfast together, too.

Sleep in It Yourself

Why not use your garden summerhouse to enjoy some romantic nights with your spouse? You can take advantage of the chill of the night and have a relaxing and refreshing sleep instead of sleeping in your old bedroom with thick walls that retain the heat and make you either sweat or use the air conditioner.

Store Your Things

Whenever you don’t use your summerhouse for accommodating your friends or for performing your hobbies, you can use it as a storage room. It’s just a good amount of extra space you gain without having to extend your house for this.

The advantage of building a garden summerhouse instead of adding another room to the main house is the price. The sumemrhouse can be made from timber. If you buy one of those kits, you can even try your skills and assemble the house yourself, together with a few friends and with your kids. Everybody will be thrilled to take part in such a big project and if you follow the advice from the manufacturer, you are most probably going to be successful. If you fail, don’t worry. Hire a professional to help you, because it’s still cheaper than a brick and mortar house and it is fun. Sometimes it’s good not to take life too seriously, because adults also need to play every now and then. You can choose to play with a purpose and build something useful. In some cases you will require planning permission always seek some help from an architect or consultant

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