25 thoughts on “Cottage Living: Gardening, Bonsai, Orchids, Manuka”

  1. love your vlogs hun thinking spring though your video we are getting a foot
    of snow here tonight. can’t wait to garden here in NY. beautiful flowers
    and when Michael gets his recipe for the raw vegan taco’s please do share
    its time to be healthy. ohh i am surprised you haven’t propagated
    pineapples in your garden.

  2. The plant that the monarch butterflies land on is called milkweed. It is
    the host plant for monarchs so if you see yellow, black and white
    caterpillars eating the plant don’t kill them.

  3. Good morning Christine, You and Michael are so sweet together. 🙂 I am
    here in the east and we are having our share of cold and snow so it was
    quite a treat to go on your Cottage Living, home and garden vlog. Yes to a
    video re: Michael’s vegan tacos. xo, Cowgirl Deb

  4. I adore plants and have always been told I have a green thumb:) I have a
    few orchids, they are some of my faves, but you guys have the weather and
    environment to really grow plants, so lucky and creative! Here in the cold
    winter it is hard to keep them alive let alone growing…lol Thanks for
    sharing:) xoxJerree

  5. This vlog is exactly what I needed to watch in this cold & snowy weather
    here right now in Ohio. Christine, are you selling or giving away some of
    that tiny hot/chili peppers? My sister who lives in Kahana gateway might
    want some of that….I am so ready to move back to the islands, probably on
    Oahu since most of folks are there, but I love Maui since it is more laid

  6. I feel relaxed watching you garden lol I live in an apartment, so no
    gardening for me! I do have a potted orange tree tho. Thanks for the video!

  7. Your weather makes me sooooo jealous! I sit here today in blizzard like
    conditions wishing for the sunshine!

  8. We live in a warm climate but I do not have a green thumb. Enjoyed
    watching this and living vicariously through you. ♥ Elle

  9. Christine and Michael, I love coming along on your outings!! This was a
    great video!! The flowers and plants are so beautiful! You guys really eat
    healthy! 🙂 xoxo Lori . Looking forward to the recipe !!

  10. I’m curious how much it costs for that big bag of costco walnuts. I bought
    them yesterday and Paid $22 Canadian (not sure if it was taxed). Ps. All
    our targets are closing

  11. I want to eat what you and Michael eat. Tell Michael that he does not have
    to wait to get the recipe perfect, before he gives it to us. That taco
    looked amazing just the way it was.

  12. I love watching these. Between your travel vlogs and your home vlogs. I
    think I need to move to Maui. Lovely video x

  13. I love your orchids and all your plants. Also tell Michael to do thE raw
    vegan taco tutorial…love your nails

  14. I always look forward to your videos!!! Christine, can you do a video on
    exactly how you pollinated your seeds in a zip lock bag with the paper
    towel? I would love to do that with seeds I have but fear I would make a
    big mess. LOL

  15. Looking so forward to your Raw Vegan Taco Recipe..

    . Here’s a simple version that I make . 99% raw.. It’s still Vegan.. l
    use a garbanzo bean base . I just mash them in a bowl… Mixed with Almond
    butter and sometimes mix in a tiny bit of Hot sesame oil. A little goes a
    long way Spread that on the center of the cabbage leaves..

    Top with. Shredded Carrot, Red or Yellow pepper. cucumber, scallion,
    sunflower seeds, sun-dried tomatoes,parsley. . Everything is chopped up
    very small, So delicious , can be a bit messy to eat..

    ( that’s why God invented Napkins..lol) Red cabbage is a bit more
    sturdy.. and the green cabbage is softer .. The most difficult part is
    getting the leaves off of the head intact .. I feel like a Cabbage Surgeon.

  16. These videos are my favorite. It’s so relaxing, I could watch for hours! I
    really love the Orchids, they’re so beautiful. Is it true that they are
    poisonous to cats?

  17. Christrine..loved seeing the beautiful orchids..I have 2 but I do not know
    how to take care of them..I am reading up on it..Was happy to see Patricia
    Bragg..I love the Braggs vinegar and use it all the time…xoxo Loretta

  18. Happy birthdaaaaay!!! I hope you’re having an amazing day! The sun is
    shining here in Ibiza, Spain for you 🙂 Would you consider doing some
    painting videos? You know, the time lapse kind.. You’re so talented! Thank
    you for sharing! xx Sascha

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