25 thoughts on “DIY Hydroponic Garden Tower – The ULTIMATE hydroponic system growing over 100 plants in 10 sq feet”

  1. I’d just like to know how 34 people could thumbs down this video! I
    thought it was great. Keep it up!

  2. Hi, I wanted to say thanks for sharing all your info and design ideas of
    your system. I have a couple questions for you if you don’t mind.
    ( 1 ) If I understand correctly there is nothing inside the white pvc pipe
    except water that continualy flows from the holding tank, pumped up to the
    top and slowly flows down to the holding tank once again.
    ( 2 ) How do you start the new seeds or ( already germinated seeds that
    are sprouted )so they reach the water that flows down the pipe? Are the
    mesh pockets deep enough to reach the bottom of the white pvc pipe?
    ( 3 ) Did you find it easier to sprinkle seeds into the rock/clay media and
    let them take off by themselves or germinate the seed to the point they
    break the seed open, and start to grow , then put them into the mesh
    pockets filled with grow media.
    ( 4 ) Do you clean out your entire system after the summer grow months or
    did you enclose your project in a makeshift greenhouse and use it all
    year. This is what I am thiking of doing using grow lights , a heater for
    the water and also use fish as a source of food for the plants.
    I am really sorry for the book of questions I asked. I am on disability and
    have been trying to soak up all the info I can so that I avoid any
    pitfalls that might cost money. Once again, thank you so much for your time
    and sharing all of your info/ideas for everyone. I will subscribe to your
    channel and check back in a few days .
    Thanks , Robbie

  3. Great setup you have there. I’m doing some research for my own system and I
    think I’m going to copy yours, I hope you don’t mind 🙂 What size net pots
    do you use.

  4. What happens when it rains? Does it influence the concentration of the
    nutrients in the feeding fluid.?

  5. This is amazing and I see there are soooo many options and ideas from the
    comment thread. Thank you for sharing yours, from Food Abundance. I just
    “remodeled” my “traditional” garden with raised beds and it’s all an
    experiment. I learned a lot from this first go-round in #NorCal . H/T +Julia
    Hull for sharing this link with me!! #Garden #DIYgarden #GardenProject

  6. Hydroponics and aquaponics are the future of food production which we can
    all start doing at home to increase local resilience and save a loads of
    money too.

  7. Much of the taste of food comes from the soil it grows in. By growing it in
    water, it will miss taste. Nice project.

  8. Where can I buy the mycelium and what’s name of the species of mycelium
    that you used. Also how do you apply the mycelium to the system? 

  9. Did u make that set up or buy it kuz I’m in NY n I’m gonna start mimes
    indoor n that’ll b perfect

  10. you mentioned “ants” & with the losses of Honey Bees in the USA, I think
    any small insect that can help to pollinate can be
    helpful in giving us better produce…?? I’m no expert but it kinda makes
    since to me, is all….? peace

  11. This plant growing structure is awesome! I only have one question. Why is
    the pump and collection tank on the side opposite of the top water feed?

  12. Hi there! I am new to hydroponics and really want to get into it, but I
    have questions. How do you manage to grow different veggies/herbs through
    the same water reservoir? Don’t they have different nutrient ratio (N-P-K)?
    Also, I’m starting with heirloom seeds and would like to know if I should
    put nutrients in the reservoir or not?

  13. Can you give some info on what a “NET POT” is and how you plant. Do you
    use seeds or seedlings to begin? Great video!

  14. +setdancer1 This method is called Nutrient Film Technique, there is no
    gravel or peat moss in the pipes. The only obstructions you want are the
    roots of the plants your growing. This technique relies on a thin film of
    water called the ” Nutrient Film” running freely down the pipes. Check out
    Media Bed Aquaponics or Media Bed Hydroponics, you can actually plant your
    veggies or fruits right into gravel!

    The method used in this video, NFT, relies on plants being suspended in
    “net-pots” or red solo cups with holes poked in them.

  15. I’m ready to try this method. Three questions. 1) How big should the
    pump be? Can you be specific about a model or two? …. 2) Should the
    water flow continuously? If not, for how long and how frequently? …. 3)
    What should the ph be? Can you recommend a couple of nutrient mixes to
    feed the plants? I plan to A frame my structure using an old swing set
    structure. I’ll start with a couple of 4″ pvc 10′ pipes and expand to
    10-20 pipes once I’m confident with what I’ve done. Thanks!

  16. How easy or difficult would this be to adjust this to a Aquaponic system?
    It looks beautiful and I’ve always been a fan of vertical gardening where
    you are only limited by imagination as opposed to standard horizontal
    gardening where you can be limited by real estate.

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