24 thoughts on “Home Decor & Garden Haul”

  1. Home Decor and Garden Haul. Hope you’re all are having an awesome weekend!
    LOVE you guys! xo

  2. Hi Christine, I love your videos!!! Can you do a video about your regular
    day in your life.Hope you undersand what I mean. And sorry for my english I
    don’t speak or write very good in english. Besos from Texas :)

  3. hiiii christine aka my favorite youtuber 🙂 <3 can you do weekly garden
    volgs? If you have the time…

  4. Reorganizing your kitchen. I would love to see your accent pieces that you
    presented incorporated into your home decor. You are so creative and an
    inspiration to my own endeavors . Thank you.


  5. I’d love too a video about vegetarian/vegan alternatives in both food and
    beauty items.

  6. Love your videos, they are so refreshing and makes me want to go redecorate
    my house. Adore the ombre vase!! Let us know what you decide to do with it.
    Since you stopped doing the weekend markets, how do you afford to live in

  7. Your videos always put me in a good mood. Any video you make is just fine
    with me. I like all of them.

  8. Love to see a gardening or DIY video. Actually any video really, you keep
    me company whilst I’m working from home!

  9. I’ve been dying to see a full nail care video regarding how you maintain
    your nails. I notice how long and beautiful they are in every video of
    yours and I’ve been trying to get mine to stay long but they are always
    chipping/ breaking, your tips and tricks on how you maintain them and what
    products you use would be extremely helpful!!!!

  10. Updated makeup collection and storage please! Would love to see and I’m
    sure the cruelty free folks would especially love to see. 

  11. I dunno if my other comment posted so sorry if this is a repeat but you
    should do a night time routine or a pamper/spa routine! Love all your

  12. Y’all should do a video on how Michael ended up in Hawaii. Pretty sure I
    recall how you ended up there, but don’t remember if you mentioned how he
    Also, y’all should do a vid on alternatives to the usual touristy things
    someone who visits Hawaii might want to try out or visit or see. 

  13. Have you ever thought about getting a snapchat? You could post on your
    story, and it would be like a mini vlog for us subscribers! It would be
    really great for people who love your vlogs!

  14. Hi Christine, We love any video you make, and a ‘spend the day with me’
    sounds very nice indeed! thanks for sharing! x x x

  15. Hey Christian I know you are busy but I would love if you uploaded 1-2
    times a week and I would love to see a video of you working in your garden
    and also a kitchen tour or something home decor showing us how you do
    something thanks sorry have a great day!

  16. Would love to see some astronomy or more meal ideas as I want to eat more
    vegan but I lack inspiration. Thanks for your brilliant variety of topics!

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