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Question: Well we get the odd bee and butterfly, sometimes a slow worm but rarely.
I want to know how to attract other animals, and defiantely slow worms 🙂

And bees, We used to have loads, only 1 this year!
Theres a weed with a pink flower they love, what is this called?

And other animals, what do you get in your garden?
Also caterpillars!

Answer: Here are various posts that will help you draw wildlife to your garden.

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  1. It’s easy but you cannot be choosy about who is allowed to lilve there. You have to let everyone in. I have a corner of my property with lots of long grass and native plants. I let everything and anything grow there, except dock, which has a tall ugly brown stem, and tree seedlings, which I pull. It attracts hoardes of birds, small critters and frogs. It also brings in neighborhood cats, but I am ok with that. They hunt the mice, snakes and woodchucks. I’ve never had a rat out there.

    Is a slow worm the same as an earthworm? Have a grassy area and go out in the early morning, the worms should be up on the surface.

    The weed with the pink flower might be milkweed.

  2. Put up a hummingbird feeder and also bird feeders. You can also put up squirrel feeders but my squirrels always eat from the bird feeders. If you want nocturnal animals, you could put in a small pond or bird bath. They like water. Plant some fruit trees, they attract wildlife, but also rats so be careful. I don’t know what type of animals are indigenous to your area, so I suggest checking at your local library and asking about local wildlife and how to construct a garden that will attract them. You can also apply for a backyard habitat award once your garden is up to speed. This certifies that your backyard contains shelter, food and water and allows local animals to not only feed in your garden but to live and breed there as well.
    Good Luck!

  3. Get a bird bath and keep it full of fresh, clean water. You’ll soon have the neighborhood watering hole and will have things coming into your yard. I have a bird bath and we always have several kinds of birds, squirrels, butterflies, etc. We like to sit outside and watch everything. It’s relaxing.

  4. Flowers, Groups of diferent types placed all around your yard, also a bird bath and having a large robust garden with sunflowers or something with seeds nearby helps.

  5. My cotoneaster horizontalis is alive with bees – bumble and honeybees at the moment.
    The Buddleia will have many butterflies soon (it is known as the “butterfly bush”)
    Were you thinking of red clover as the weed?
    I have dragon flies and damsel flies attracted to my tiny wildlife pond, and at the moment it has tadpoles, frogs and newts, too.
    Butterflies like asters, too

  6. I would have thought keeping an area free from cultivation with large logs where the ground is boggy and damp all year round will attract lizards, frogs, and other reptiles.

  7. I would never want to attract bees.We already had 2 bee hives growing in the yard and on my house=( and I think it is because of our garden and flowers.

  8. why dint you have a wildlife garden area at the botton of your garden a pond attracts frogs a small wood pile with twigs and leaves will attrack hedgehogs look on your computer for plants that attracks butterflys ladybirds a plant called a red hot poker atracks birds

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