2 thoughts on “how to get moss from double glazing upvc”

  1. Yep It’s great for just about everything. removes paint from old hinges and
    even some rust – Just steap in a plastic container. Also use it on car to
    get road tar off. Just remmember to wash car afterwards. uses the kleeneze
    car wash with polish. great stuff

  2. Wipe Out Stain Remover
    This product is Amazing (watch video on group )

    This miracle stain removing product works on all types of stains on all
    types of surfaces – from metal to fabric and even the driveway!
    Wipe Out Stain Remover tackles: grease, grime, oil, red wine, tea, coffee,
    nicotine, scuff, mud, biro, blood, grass and juice. 

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