21 thoughts on “Olive Garden is Family: “Home” 2015 Commercial”

  1. For anyone who doesn’t know why that one guy was really excited, it’s
    actually a really touching story. The boy and his father had a very rough
    relationship prior to that video. In the clip the dad actually receives the
    results to a paternity test proving the boy is not his son, and they are
    finally free to live without each other’s constant bickering. Really
    touching and glad Olive Garden included this little gem!

  2. Can someone point me in the direction of the original video of the man
    asking is that real.

  3. Great #tv #ad from my employer #olivegarden What is the meaning of #home
    for you? #family #advertising #marketing #weareallfamilyhere +Olive

  4. As much as I liked this video, I knew a friend who worked at Olive Garden
    and the managers there were downright mean… don’t let them fool you into
    thinking that they’re a great company. Any company can look good on the
    outside, but it’s a whole different story actually working there.

  5. I didn’t know why the waitresses got so creeped out when I flirted with
    them, but then I remembered, we’re all family.

  6. So I should eat at home? Thanks for the advise Olive Garden. I can make
    pasta at HooOooOooome. 

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