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Question: How do people do special effects? Effects such as someone showing the sky moving fast and progressing from day to night, super speed, fire, etc. How are these done? Can I use a dslr camera and laptop for this? Please help, i’m interested in doing thus type of thing.

Answer: as technology expands the options available to do special effects increases. there is not just *one* way to do each effect.

the first one you mention is usually done with a camera that takes one frame at a time and has the shutter controlled by an intervalometer. some dSLR cameras have the intervalometer built-in. at the end of the day, you do not have a video, but a sequence of still photos. you need software to convert that sequence into a video format. also a rigid tripod and a large capacity battery for the camera

super speed is generally the opposite, slo-motion. that is difficult to accomplish with a dSLR because of the way it creates video. some camcorders have a burst function which allows for a few seconds of 240 fps video that will playback in slo-mo. miniDV cameras can also be slowed down to an equivalent 480 fps at the same quality level except not HD, using a video editor.

fire is usually superimposed using two videos, one of just fire and the other of the main subject. again, there is a number of ways that this can be done using your video editor luma or chroma key function.

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