25 thoughts on “THE GARDEN IS HUGE NOW!”

  1. missed your videos they havent been showin up in my sub box,,,have to
    start checkin your channel i guess either way LIKED lolol peace dot

  2. I only feel carsick on road trips if I don’t eat, so I’m no help. 😉 The
    garden looks amazing!!

  3. It’s so cool to see how far your garden has come. The ground around my home
    is too rocky for a proper garden, but my family subscribed to a CSA this
    summer from a farm a few hours north. It is amazing how good local organic
    produce tastes. I think my favorite thing so far has been the kohlrabi. I
    had never heard of it before but it’s so good.

  4. Awww, where’s Emmitt?
    Everytime I heard that turkey sound in the background while you’re talking,
    it made me smile ;-). Your garden and the yard birds are all looking mighty

  5. Have you ever tried non-drowsy Dramamine? I get carsick instantly in cars
    so I take Dramamine when I know it’s going to be a long trip. It works
    great but it does make me feel super chill, which then sometimes makes me a
    little tired. However, it’s worth it because car sickness is the worst!

  6. Looks like Kevin’s dad did a great job with the garden. I suppose Kevins
    going to take credit, regardless.

  7. Hmm. I guess I must have missed this lesson in life when I was younger,,
    Plant a garden then plant a big patch of lavender, why I don’t know and
    then you bugger off for the whole summer and let dear old dad look after
    the entire thing while you are off playing around. Good deal if you can
    get it I guess, My mother wouldn’t ever have fallen for that idea !!.

  8. So many vlogs in one day! The garden looks great. How come Kev’s dad got
    rid of the other geese?

  9. You should try taking that motion sickness medicine for when people do
    water activities, it might help

  10. Dude that garden is SICK. I wish I had enough land to a garden like that 🙁
    I do grow tomatoes and herbs however 🙂 

  11. “Beauty and the Beet” Yeah, I know, it’s lame, but when (7:12) Dot said,
    “Look at that beauty,” I finished the thought in my mind..!!

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