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Question: Hello there. I’m looking for some video creation / editing software for Windows. I’ve tried windows movie maker 2 (wmm2) and I’m running into some problems which need to be addressed. Specifically, the video file produced by WMM2 is lousy quality. Second, my avi’s are 920px x 640px. When I drag them into movie maker, they are resized and distored. Does anyone have any suggestions on software? What is the price? Thanks!

Answer: Windows Movie Maker is aimed at the average Joe wanting to make a quick clip, who cares less about the video quality. To retain the high video quality, you have to use some software with smart rendering technique. These software can export without wasting hours re-encodeing the entire video. Instead, They will only re-encode the frames around the area that has changed, which will not degrade your video quality.

As a professional video editor, I have used lots of video programs. Now I use adobe premiere pro in combination with womble mpeg video wizard dvd. Both programs are frame accurate. Adobe is the top1 video editing software and can do lots of advanced stuff, but requires a very steep learning curve and could cost you big bucks, and it doesn’t support smart-rendering! womble supports smart-rendering, and is very
good for basic and some advanced stuff, and it is well priced for the beginner to the advanved amateur maker.

To sum up, I recommend mpeg video wizard dvd.

That’s my experience anyway, I suggest you go the author’s website to download the free trial to try out.


Hope I helped.

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  1. You may try AVS Video Editor, it’s a nice video editing software that can help you edit, join, trim, crop, convert and cut video, my friends recommend it to me, it’s easy to use and works pretty well for me, it embeds many special effects. I had made a video with it and the video got award, that’s pretty cool. And here is the free download link
    For more video editing software alternatives, you may refer to this video editor review
    Hope it helps. Contact me if you have any other question

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